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Top 10 Treehouses

By on August 19, 2014

At some point through out most people childhoods they want a tree house, an adventurous escape for you and your friends. Even if it was as simple as a square wooden box in the tree at the back of the garden, the idea of having a hideout away from mum and dad seemed more than perfect. Here’s a small collection of tree houses we could only dream of having.



1. The Ramshackle Treehouse looks like something from a Tim Burton movie set.

2. A perfect fairy tale tree house. Note the spiral staircase.

3. Said to be the tallest tree house today, Ministers Tree House in Tennesse is the tallest in the world.

4. I can’t decide if this tree house is the perfect getaway or the perfect horror film.

5. Not exactly what you think of when it comes to tree houses but that doesn’t mean it’s not impressive.

6. This tree house known as The Birds Nest takes blending in to a whole new level and even comes complete with a retractable stair case for complete privacy.

7. Imagine having a spacious, modern contemporary apartment. Now imagine it in the trees. This is something you don’t see every day.

8. What we see here isn’t just a tree house, it’s a hotel.

9. Bernd Weinmayer created this beautiful office above his studio in the Tyrolean Alps.

10. Here we see the tree house from every kids dream. Made by a man in Ibiza for his sons entertainment.

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